We are able to supply a full stubble to stubble service offering:

Cultivation – Ploughing, Heavy discing & Power harrowing
Drilling – grain, grass, maize
Rolling – Cambridge & Flat
Manure – Artificial & Organic, granular, spray or injection
Slurry – Tanker and Umbilical systems (trailing shoe, Splash plate or track disc)
Chemical Application – spraying (Bateman 24m), slug pellet application
Lime spreading
Bale handling and stacking
Combining – grain and maize using Kemper headers and cracker rollers
Fodder beet harvesting with top / bottom lifter as required.
Transport – grain, silage, low loaders, dumpers

Forage Harvesting is one of our specialities. We have a fleet of foragers for grass, wholecrop & maize to beat the weather, each having the ability to apply liquids & powders. From field to clamp we offer:

Mowing combinations up to 10m
Scatter Boards
Carting, many trailers having terra tyres to reduce compaction

Another speciality is Baling – be it round or square, for hay, horse haylage, silage or straw, we have the system for the job!


Standard McHale and New Holland balers with integral chopping units can be followed by a trailer wrapper, plastic can be supplied. For simultaneous bale and wrap we operate McHale Fusion units


Any length from 2ft to 8ft in 80x90cm cross section can be produced to your requirements We make use of Terra tyres to reduce compaction. An electronic metering kit, chopping unit & additive applicator are available. Balers can be followed by high speed square bale wrappers if required.

A full bale shifting team, two handlers and trailers are also available.